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Frequently asked questions

What’s the definition of a Portable Appliance?

A portable appliance is any electrical item weighing less than 18 kilos that plugs into a mains socket. Anything heavier requires Fixed Installation Testing, which we can also provide.

Which types of business need to carry out
PAT Testing?

Virtually every business needs some form of testing:

  • Any business with its own premises attended by staff, contractors, suppliers or customers
  • Self-employed people using electrical equipment for business purposes
  • Landlords and Letting Agents who supply electrical items to tenants

What’s the cost of an inspection?

It depends on the number of appliances and how many visits are needed. We charge a minimum callout fee and a fixed rate per tested item.
For latest rates call 01494 247 425 or e-mail us here.

What does my insurance company need?

Most insurers require some form of safety certification before they’ll handle any claim involving faulty electrical equipment. Some need PAT certification before providing cover. You’ll need to speak to your insurance company to find out where they stand.

What’s the penalty for using faulty equipment?

Failure to comply with Electrical Regulations may constitute a criminal offence under The Consumer Protection Act 1987. With a maximum fine of £5000 that could mean 6 months imprisonment. For private dwellings, Landlords Letting Agents could be sued under Civil Law for failing to ensure tenants’ safety.

What does PAT Testing involve?

The standard testing process runs as follows:

  • Visual inspection
  • Check leads into appliance
  • Remove plug tops to check fuse and connections
  • Test current flow through PAT Test apparatus
  • Issue Pass or Fail

Can I bring my equipment to you?

No. To make the service easier for you, we run as a mobile PAT-testing service and will travel to you on the day of your appointment.

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